Saturday, November 26, 2011

Creating Banners Photo and video services

Yaap an opportunity to post the results of my work these days, quite a lot but I chose a reallynice and interesting

I studied in the field of broadcasting and film, has nothing to do with the vector, but this is the path of life who knows.
I get the orders made ​​design a banner, banner themes contain the photo and videoservices, for a while ..... I made it using Photoshop instead of using vector processingapplications such as Corel Draw or Illustrator, which pengemar Vector in this hehehhe ..hold on to who understand Photoshop ...

try to let you see the picture below

how? do you think .. if interested you download the PSD file it at the link below

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Congratulations Banner Day

Indeed was so tired today, work very much, without the aids, workyour own alias, another co-worker did not want to go get readybecause of marriage this month, let alone loads of banners ordered items Eid greetings from governmental agencies and individuals,although tired I am very happy because there is material for posting

Next I showed my work today

and this again

interested in my work, you can download here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Example of computer shop banner

vector file this time of his usual small banner on a pole nemplokelectricity, usually at the sleeves let you no place to attach a smallwood above and below the banner, the banner is any vector designbecause there is a request from my old friend the prince SutejaArum "opo ne zinc Harum ": p

he opened a small business scale but big turnover "alahh ngapusikoe Any ...!!!"
okay dehh ojo sui-sui ngebacot cepeten .....
"OK .. brad casual" following his Privew

nahh how nice not ... "opo ne zinc trim ..!!" envious aja said ....
if you are interested to re-edit in CorelDraw cdr files you can download at the link below